Sound of drums

Where are we supposed to be ? Where are we supposed to go ?
 Is narrow, the path that leads the world?

We are living in a very delicate moment in the history of the world. There are many political & social problems everywhere you look at, there is an environment of uncertainty. This song is a call to the world to do something, to speak up, to think, to open our eyes and solve our issues, to stand by each other.

How did I write it?
I was walking, thinking as usual and then I started singing, where are am I supposed to be? where am I supposed to go? initially a question that I was asking to myself since I was feeling pretty lost but I also felt for the world; I was aware of many political and social situations that I kept seeing in the news and it had me having a feeling of unease. I ran to my house, keyboard and started playing some random chords which I had no idea what they where and then I finished the song. The production took a while cause we had no idea where we wanted to go with it, we probably did like 4 different scratches of the song until we ended up with the first idea of it being based on piano, more dramatic but simple.
For the music video I wanted to keep it as dramatic, so black and white was the idea; featuring different portraits, faces of people from the world who transmitted something with their eyes.

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