First single

Let it all go

Its been a while
 my friend
, hadn’t seen your smile since then
 I remember well our last time together …We both know this is the best for us, standing here will only hurt us more, we have to let it all go.

The first song I official put out for this project. It was quite easy to write it, took me like 20 minutes cause the feelings where very clear, I remember being in my room back from my exchange program thinking about the relationship that I had and still being a little hurt about it, I knew I had to let it go to move on into the next stage of my life, but still, I didn´t want too.
Its funny because I did encounter that moment that I describe in the song, where I saw and talked to this person again but the song was written before this, so I guess when I wrote it I already knew what was going to happen.

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