Song #2

Counting days

I took the promise far away. No doubt to stumble me apart. Confused your feelings crashed in waves,I had to shut, I had to shut me out… I thought we´d make it through, I thought you where counting days to see me.

This is another break up song.I was feeling very disappointed about that person which I thought would always be there for me but wasn´t. You put someone so high when you fall in love but it is not real, and to be honest, there is no one to blame, it just wasn´t meant to be but at that time I was blind and I could not understand.

I wrote this song in Denmark, with a guitar that someone kind lend me for a couple of months. I was experimenting with chords and kind of melancholic sounds with fingerpicking; that added with feelings of heartbreak, took me 1 hour to finish it but I couldn´t really sing it without crying

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